ABF Freight® is made up of talented individuals who have helped us become the company we are today. We frequently rely on their experiences and insight as we grow and evolve - often implementing their suggestions for improvements inside and outside of the organization. They are our best resource and our biggest supporters; they are ABF Freight.

Employee Spotlights
Tim Melody
Tim Melody

Road Driver at 490, Ontario, Oregon

12 years with ABF

Named 2017 Idaho Driver of the Year by the Idaho Trucking Association and named one of the captains of the 2017-2018 America's Road Team by the American Trucking Association

Family: Wife, Renee, and a 9 years old yorkiepoo named

Hobbies include restoring classic cars, ATV riding with his wife, woodworking, and cowboy action shooting

ABF Freight's Greatest Strength is: The quality of our service.

Most memorable moment: Winning 1st place at the National Truck Driving Championships and getting to go to Fort Smith and meet everyone

Favorite movie: John Wayne westerns

First Car: 1956 Ford Pickup

If I had a plane ticket anywhere in the world, I'd go to: Australia

John Dill
John Dill

Road Driver at 489, Cheyenne, Wyoming

With ABF since 1976

Named the 2017 Driver of the Year by the Wyoming Trucking Association

Family: Wife, Cynthia, and 5 children

Hobbies include hunting, fishing, and riding horses

Best part of my job: I like the challenge. And I like the opportunity, like recently, to help out new guys. We have some new TMAP guys coming on, and I've been at it long enough now that guys come and ask me for opinions and help. I enjoy doing that. I've done some training in my early career. I don't have the patience for training, but once somebody is nearly a finished product and they need enhancement, I like to do that.

Hidden talent: singing

Perfect meal: Filet mignon, steamed broccoli, and a sweet potato

Favorite musicians: Alabama and Roy Clark

Skill & Will

The Skill is keeping a customer updated on delivery of their shipment.

THE Will

The Will is displaying professionalism at every step.

A customer who ordered a boat learned that is delivery would be curbside. The boat company tells its customers to make arrangements for unloading boats when they're delivered.

ABF Freight was delivering the boat, scheduled for a Monday. The customer's husband arranged to take the day off work and to have his son there to help unload it. When the delivery date arrived, the customer called the local ABF Freight terminal to confirm the delivery and to get and idea of when it would delivered.

ABF Freight driver Tommie Fults delivered the boat. On his way to the customer's residence, he experienced delays because of heavy traffic. He called the customer to give him a head's up and to reassure him the boat was on its way.

"When he arrived, Tommie apologized ... and went out of his way to help my husband and our son unload the boat, even through it was not his job", the customer said. "He was extremely polite and professional."

The customer wrote an email to Branch Manager Keith Blum to make sure he knew that Tommie and the ABF Freight team at the terminal "went out of their way to make sure we were kept updated and informed about our shipment. They were all professional and pleasant to work with. Keep up the good work."

Keith said all employees are "ambassadors of ABF Freight," nothing that the customer's email "made my day, will make Tommie and our office teams day, and it's a great motivator for all of us."

Skill & Will

The Skill is delivering a large shipment to a retailer inside a mall.

THE Will

The Will is going above and beyond's to get the shipment inside the store.

A retailer located inside a shopping mall had a large shipment of merchandise arriving on an ABF Freight truck.

When ABF Freight driver Keith Jennings arrived with the shipment, he was suprised to learn the store did not have a back door to accommodate deliveries. The shipment was large - two fulls pallets, 73 cartons. Because of the lack of a back door, the freight had to be delivered to the store by going through the mall.

Keith thought quickly, and worked with a small security officials to find the best and least disruptive way to get the shipment inside. He then broke the pallets down outside and made multiple trips into the mall to deliver the cartoons, taking time between each trip to relock the trailer to secure the merchandise.

The customer was very appreciative of Keith's efforts.

"Please extend my thanks to Mr. Jennings once again, as I greatly appreciate his going above and beyond to remedy the situation", the customer wrote in a letter to the branch manager at Keith's terminal.

The customer also took the time to forward the praise to his corporate office, "so that they are aware of the great service standards you and your ABF Freight team keep in place."

Skill & Will

The Skill is changing a delivery date on film production equipment when already en route.

THE Will

The Will is providing 'exceptional customer care' so the film project can continue on time.

ABF Freight employees don't shy away from a challenge; they solve problems and make things happen for customers. Dawn Ganes, an ABF Freight clerk, exemplifies that.

When a customer needed a shipment of equipment for a film shoot delivered a week earlier than planned, she sent an email requesting the change but wasn't sure who specificaly to contact. That message reached Dawn, who worked with the customer to get the shipment delivered on time.

The customer said she figured changing a delivery date when a shipment is already en route would be nearly impossible.

"Typically, such changes are pretty much wishful thinking," the customer said. "Now, I do not know if my request fell under Dawn's job duties or not. She never said either way. She did, however, find a way expedite the delivery."

The customer, a production assistant with a film crew, said the delivery meant the film crew and actors could continue their project on time, "and I got to look like the hero for a moment."

The customer passed her praise on to Dawn's supervisor, saying she wanted to express her thanks because positive feedback regarding customer service is rarely heard.

"Please know I truly appreciate great customer service. Dawn went above and beyond, never said 'That's not my department', and communicated quickly and professionally throughout," the customer said. "Thank you for your exceptional customer care."

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